About Us...

    Welcome to the Howard County Sheriff's Office, Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #131 web page! Our Lodge is located in Ellicott City, Maryland the county seat of Howard County. Formed in 2004, the lodge is comprised of over sixty (60) Active Members. These members are Deputy Sheriffs of the Howard County Sheriff's Office and are sworn law enforcement officers.​ 

  The Howard County Sheriff's Office has been in existence and serving the citizens of Howard County since 1851. The Sheriff's Office offers a broad range of law enforcement services, such as Judicial Security, Summons Service, Warrant Service & Fugitive Retrieval, Domestic Violence Service & Assistance, Prisoner Transportation, and Landlord/Tenant Services.

     Howard County Sheriff's Office, F.O.P. Lodge #131 was formed to protect and represent the women and men who serve the citizens of Howard County, Maryland as Deputy Sheriffs. The Lodge committed to improving the safety and working conditions of  not only the Howard County Sheriff's Office, but all law enforcement officers. Our intention is to do so through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation.